Pine Ridge Hiking Club

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About Us

The Pine Ridge Hiking Club is one of nine member clubs that make up the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association who maintain the trail from Port Hope to the Bruce Trail and to Georgian Bay.

Members hike in the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland - a good way to get to know the out of the way villages and hamlets of the County - and also enjoy the challenge of completing the Ganaraska Trail end-to-end.

Members also enjoy week long getaways in rural Ontario or further afield and many hike overseas with Comfortable Hiking Holidays, our website sponsor.

The club has a strong social side also and strong friendships are formed. Each year the club enters a dragon boat team to support the Northumberland United Way, it organises a photography exhibition and hosts social evenings, often with illustrated talks by members on their hiking trips.

The best way to join the club, and to see if you enjoy the hiking, is to come out to one of our hikes. Click on to Hiking Schedule for details.

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The idea for the Ganaraska Hiking Trail was conceived in the early 1960s by the Willow Beach Field Naturalists. Originally they envisioned a trail from Cobourg to Harwood along the old Cobourg to Peterborough railway embankment. Later it was decided instead to the follow the old Midland Railway Line from Port Hope to Midland. The idea was taken up as a Centennial project.

The Official Opening of the trail occurred in April 1968 with a walk from Port Hope to Millbrook. Jack Goering worked for the extension of the Trail and in 1992 it was linked up with the Bruce Trail at Glen Huron, near Collingwood.

The Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association was formed in 1967, with the Pine Ridge Hiking Club being responsible for the southern section of the trail starting from Port Hope.

The club had a big boost in membership in the early 2000's due mainly to an influx of retirees from Toronto. The newcomers changed the personality of the club. Short hikes were introduced to attract beginners, and getaways and social events were organised. The camaraderie was now meeting the social needs of the members as well as providing the opportunity for members to enjoy the countryside and support environmental issues.

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